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For my final project, I’ve chosen PhotoPeach. PhotoPeach is a web application that lets you create cool slideshows with music.  The service allows you to use personal photos from your online accounts (i.e. Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook) or computer, add music tracks from recorded selections or download from YouTube and then generate beautiful slideshows.  And it’s FREE.

One of my schools this year, Irisburg Elementary, will be closed for good this month.   As a tribute, I decided to use PhotoPeach to create and simultaneously demonstrate how easily a beautiful slideshow can be made and then shared…in my case on this blog, but also as an email.

As a teacher, Photopeach is an excellent way for you to share pictures of your students as they work in the classroom on various projects with their parents.  A Twitter account can be created for your class and  parents can follow your Tweets.  The students can take turns tweeting, informing parents about class projects, special events, etc.  and include a PhotoPeach slideshow.  PhotoPeach is so student friendly that after a quick demo, the kids should be able to handle the process independently.

I have learned a wealth of Web 2.o info in this class!  There were so many applications to choose from for this final project, but I wanted to pick one to share that I truly felt most any teacher, no matter their level of technology useage, would easily incorporate in their classroom.

Visit this site to see A Tribute to Irisburg Elementary School 2009-2010!

Week 4 Activities 3/4

I really enjoyed reading Kathy’s blogs about the ipod Touch!  If a teacher finds the possibilities exciting….imagine how the kids will feel using them in the classroom…how cool!!  I love that I’ve learned how to make flash cards with them and think that their are so many SOLs that could be brought to life using them!!  I want to show our ELL teachers how to make flash cards – Feel that it would be an exciting way to reinforce new vocabulary!!

Voice Thread of 8th Grade Dance

Click the link below to see my son’s Eighth Grade Dance!

Week 4 Assignment 2

Twittering has been a fun learning experience. As the weeks have passed, I have given thought to how it could be used as a tool in the classroom. I googled the topic, and found a couple of ideas that I would consider implementing. One is as a classroom newsletter of sorts. Parents could follow your class twitter and be notified of upcoming events, test reminders, etc. Another application would be to have students tweet about specific skills they have mastered and brainstorm how to express them in the 140 character limit. Parents could follow their progress throughout the year. After researching the classroom uses this evening, I’m more enthusiastic about continuing to tweet!!

Week 4 Assignment 1

Earlier in the school year, I was asked to compile some of the lessons presented in our Smart Board user groups demonstrations. Check out the link for sites teachers use to create lessons they develop for Smart Notebook!

IES SMART Board Demo Lessons

Week 3 Assignment 4

Widgits…those were fun to add. I know my blog is pretty simple but it’s been a lot of fun learning as I created it. My next one will be more sophisticated and relevant hopefully!! I wanted to add a visitor tracking widget but didn’t see that as an option. I think that would be an interesting thing to keep tabs on as students view your blog!

Week 3 Assignment 5

I created a survey using Google docs and sent it to the required 5 people but when I sent it to myself, it didn’t look like a survey until I selected “go to live form”. I tried to embed the address in this blog but it actually put the whole survey in so edited and took it out.

Week 3 Assignment 6

Podcasts…I searched and searched and finally feel a little more comfortable navigating around in itunes. Downloaded a video podcast called Top Five Solar Discoveries and one about the BP oil spill in the gulf.

Week 3 Assignment 3

Twittering….continued to tweet this week. I added Jim Cantore and Anderson Cooper and some guy from Canada who I am going to not follow anymore…also added someone from class but not sure if it’s her yet….no pic!

Week 3 Assignment 2

Everyone should give PhotoPeach a try.   There is nothing easier to use, nor more fun, nor easier to embed….where ever!!  Enjoy this slide show of my son who had his Eighth Grade Dance Friday night.  The lovely girls are his “sisters” (friends since forever) who had their Senior Prom the same night!!  I can’t wait to show this to the teachers at my schools!!
Dance Night on PhotoPeach